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6 Ways to Save Water During a Drought by Darren Dohme

6 Ways to Save Water During a Drought by Darren Dohme

The year 2023 is expected to see a massive drought. To be able to get through this, we must conserve water. In this guide, Darren Dohme takes you through a few effective practices that can help you save water, so you get through the drought easily.

Saving Water During a Drought by Darren Dohme

Here are a few ways to make sensible use of water in times of drought.

1.     Use Water Outside Carefully

To save water during a drought, you must reduce water usage as much as possible. That can only happen when you use water very carefully outside. Only water the area that needs to be watered. If you see any brown grass somewhere, don’t fret. It is dormant and will turn green again when it rains. So be very careful with that. Your lawn is the area that takes up a lot of water, so try to cut down on your water usage there.

2.     Hand Water the Garden

Identify the areas that have to be watered, and then try to hand water them. If you use sprinklers, you end up using a lot more water than you anticipated you would. Hand watering allows you to water all the right areas. Not just that, it also allows the water to get through the areas it usually doesn’t, like under the leaves. This also allows you to observe the beds.

3.     Reduce Water Waste in the House

Also, try to reduce water waste as much as you can. There are a few very easy ways that you can do that. Try not to let the cold water run while you wait for the bath to warm up. Instead, use that for other purposes like watering the plants. If you have any leaky faucets, get them repaired instantly. Those also lead to a massive amount of water being wasted. Finally, when washing the dishes, don’t allow the water to run. Darren Dohme says that this way, you can save up a lot of water.

4.     Keep Drinking Water in the Fridge

When you keep drinking water in the fridge, you will most likely save 50% of the water you use for personal drinking. This also helps you save money you would otherwise spend by buying water.

5.     Wash Your Car Using a Bucket of Water

When you wash your car, fill up a bucket of water for that. It is wasteful to wash your car using a hose. You end up using much more than you need. By filling up a bucket, you can use much less than you otherwise would end up using. Use a sponge to clean the exterior of the car then.

6.     Invest in Water Conservation Products

You can also invest in different water conservation products like flow aerators and showerheads, says Darren Dohme. These products are very efficient and help you save up on a lot of water.

Final Words by Darren Dohme

With these valuable water conservation tips by Darren Dohme, you can get through the upcoming drought easily. Remember that in trying times, we all need to play a crucial part!